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Breaking the Chains of Injustice:

An Introduction to The Doctrine of Equal Protection and Equal Justice. 

In 1857, The Supreme Court ruled black men, women, and children were 3/5th human, declaring they could be

bought, sold, traded, bred, and beaten without limitations.


According to The Supreme Court of The United States of America, the drafters of the

Constitution had viewed all African-Americans as "… beings of an inferior order,

and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political

relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was

bound to respect."


This pleased those who considered themselves PRO-SLAVE, believing it was their God-given

right to own slaves.


Yet, ABOLITIONISTS in Wisconsin openly and unashamedly rejected The Supreme Court’s opinion and


INTERPOSITION to ignore the unconstitutional court opinions and defy the tyrants of their day.


ABOLITIONISTS—Christians who not only said that slavery was bad but, using God’s Word, they called

it “sin” and demanded immediate and total abolishment of it. Among these abolitionists were two factions:





The moderate abolitionist took a gradual approach using the political process. In fact, The Wisconsin Legislature passed a series of resolutions denouncing the actions of the U.S. Supreme Court as “... arbitrary acts of power ... without authority, void and of no force,” and urging “positive defiance” by the states (people) as the “rightful remedy.”


The extreme abolitionist took matters into their own hands and organized the Underground Railroad and refused to recognize Fugitive Slave laws.


Yet there was another group …


THE ANTI-SLAVE—wanting to leave religion and God out of the equation. They opposed slavery on the grounds of morals and ethics but, desired to take an incremental regulatory approach to one day bring about the end of slavery. They argued that the dangers of immediate and total abolition of slavery would make it almost impossible for slave owners to prepare and harvest their crops. Furthermore, if the slaves were freed, “Where would you put all of them?”




In 1973, The Supreme Court ruled pre-born babies created in the image of God, like slaves, were not human and under protection of the law, could be chopped up, crushed, scalded to death with acid, or poisoned in their mother’s womb until dead.


As with the issue of slavery, The Supreme Court again ruled in favor of the dehumanization of human beings created in the image of God.


Beloved, Courts do not write laws and The Supreme Court of the United States of America is not God!


When God’s Law comes into conflict with man’s law, we have the moral, biblical, and constitutional

responsibility to ignore them and do whatever it takes to defend, protect, and secure the right

to life, especially the least among us: innocent, defenseless babies in the womb.


In almost an exact parallel to the American chattel slavery of the 1800s, we have two

factions in the fight regarding legalized murder by abortion in America.


PRO-ABORTS—people believing it’s their “God-given right” to murder innocent,

defenseless pre-born babies in the womb, declaring, statements such

as, “My body, my choice.”


and …


SECULAR PRO-LIFE ESTABLISHMENT (PLE)—leaders having lost all hope,

intentionally working hard to keep God out of the discussion and refusing to

support any legislation that would provide equal protection and equal justice

to all human beings.



Every year the PLE returns to the table and are content to put forth and pass the same legislation presented the year before simply wrapped in new packaging (something with a great title that includes every provision under the sun: rape, incest, health of the mother, abnormalities, etc.), granting the courts permission to have the final say. They can then call it a “Pro-Life victory.”


The Pro-Aborts cry out and run to their donors for support. The PLE give themselves a pat on the back, pass out participation plaques, trophies, and awards declaring to be the most Pro-Life states, parties, and politicians in the union. The Courts later rule, after the election cycle, that the Pro-Life legislation is “unconstitutional.” The Pro-Aborts declare a pro-choice victory and they too hand out trophies, awards, and pat themselves on the back. The PLE, lobbyists, and politicians, run to their donors and constituents asking for money, send out online petitions, give great speeches; the political cycle has again started the hamster wheel.

To see more about how the PLE is not actually working to end abortion CLICK HERE ...


FACT: The PLE and Pro-Aborts both claim the number of abortions is decreasing when in reality, they are aggressively increasing. Why are they in agreement? Because they are two sides of the same coin.



These iniquitous decrees, a/k/a Pro-Life laws, delay justice, perpetuate the legalized murder of babies,

securing establishment Republicans to get re-elected, and massive amounts of money are raised at

the annual National Right to Life banquets.


Yet, all the while, new killing centers are opening for business and the daily death toll

continues to increase. Beloved, we need to take inventory: 49 years, 77 million+

Americans murdered under the pretext of “protection of law.” However, not just

any law, Pro-Life laws. Previous to Roe v. Wade, almost every State Constitution

recognized abortion as a homicide/murder. After the unconstitutional court

opinion of Roe, the following was added, “… except for a legal

abortion.” What is ‘legal abortion’? All 3,500 national Pro-Life

laws on the books determining when, where, and how

innocent, defenseless babies can be murdered under

the “protection of law,” in the most sacred place

in the entire universe.



The Courts are corrupt from the head down. In 2020, America experienced an illegal and fraudulent election and at the request of multiple States, The Supreme Court turned a blind eye to the injustice of a fraud perpetrated on the American people.


The Pro-Life establishment, like the Anti-Slave faction, seriously believe that if we keep doing the same play over and over again, we will all one day wake up and miraculously, the abortion holocaust will be over. This is the definition of insanity.


In an attempt to try every pragmatic, incremental, and regulatory approach based on science, logic, moral and humane reasoning, the Pro-Life establishment rejects God and refuses to do the one thing He prescribes and demands before He will heal the land: REPENTANCE.


Beloved, the only thing we’ve yet to try is the only thing God prescribes and demands, REPENTANCE.


If there is one thing our President Trump taught us in his first four years and teaches to this day, it is that nothing is impossible! President Trump gave the American people incredible insight by exposing the political swamp monsters and RINOs—although claiming to be Christian and conservative—who kill and sabotage any and all legislation based on biblical worldview.



Beloved, there is a clashing of Kingdoms as the culture war over the soul of America rages and the legalized shedding of innocent blood in America fuels and energizes demonic principalities to prosper and advance the kingdom of darkness.


There has never been a time more urgent, present, and at our grasp, to get involved; not as a political party, but as The Ekklesia—with God, it is the only hope for America.


For those of you who want to dig deeper and get more information, visit our website www.AFS.LIFE. There you will find out how you can join the movement for equal protection and equal justice for innocent, defenseless babies in the womb created in the image of God, locally, countywide, statewide, and nationally to abolish abortion and end child sacrifice. Within the AFS vault, you will have access to educational information, resources, and training tools to equip you to grasp a biblical worldview on how to respond to the abortion holocaust and establish ABORTION FREE STATES.

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