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Someone either having had an ectopic/tubal pregnancy or currently experiencing one, does

not go through it alone nor is she unnoticed. Love, compassion, care, and concern expressed

by others towards these mothers are reflections of the characteristics of our Heavenly Father

who sees to it these mothers are cared for as well as their precious baby.


An ectopic/tubal pregnancy is a fertilized embryo that has implanted itself in a part of the

woman’s body other than the uterine lining; more than 90% occur inside the fallopian tube.

Statistics reveal that less than 2% (1 in 50), are ectopic/tubal pregnancies. An ectopic

pregnancy per se, is not a threat to the mother’s life while the baby is still small.However,

should the baby further develop in the fallopian tube, can become a compromising situation

for both him/her as well as the mother and create an immediate threat to both lives.

Sadly, the potential risks, dangers, and difficulties that may result therefrom are used as

an avenue to justify an abortion.




When a mother has exhausted all options and is left with only the likelihood of imminent death, emergency medical 

intervention/triage is necessary. This would be no different than a mother with child who has been involved in a car accident and both lives are at stake; both mother and child must be treated with the intent to save life, understanding that the potential for death is possible for either one or both.

A conceived human beingis created in God’s image, as

was his/her mother. Neither life is inferior to the other

and as such, both are to be granted access to, and

receive the quality of, medical attention when

necessary or as needed—both are patients.


In a right side up world (and in the case of most born

children), we all recognize that it is good and honorable

for a mother to put the life of her child before her own.

A woman who sacrifices herself to save her child is protecting

her child in her role as mother. It is hard to conceive that anyone

would admire a woman who pushed her child into traffic to save

her own life.


Imagine if you will, that a preborn human beingis creating difficulty on the

mother’s body or is perceived to be an inconvenience to the mother in her life

at this time, so she chooses to get an abortion. Whether out of difficulty or inconvenience, isn’t abortion the same thing as a mother throwing her child into traffic to either save her own life or not have it inconvenienced? Regardless of how a mother justifies abortion, death is the only outcome for the preborn who is to be legally murdered i.e., chopped up, crushed, scalded to death with acid, or poisoned in their mother’s womb until dead.


The mother must seek medical care without destroying her baby and physicians

must give medical care and treatment to both mother and baby. With all the

advanced medical technology today, the child can be given an excellent chance

                    to stay inside his/her mother during the crucial weeks of development and receive

                       nourishment and nurturing from an environment only the mother’s body can provide,

                           even if it isn’t located in the womb.

                           Should it become necessary for a child’s birth to take place prior to his/her full

                       development due to either the baby or mother being in imminent danger, then it is

incumbent upon medical practitioners and providers to apply all the modern medicine and

technology at their disposal in an effort to save both patients. “Imminent” is understood to mean

that death is impending and likely inevitable outside divine or emergency intervention. It does not,

nor should it ever, equate to inconvenience or avoidance of bed rest. 

Let us remember the words of the Lord Jesus:

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” 

John 15:13 ESV

Society has dehumanized the innocent, defenseless, preborn human beings while still in the womb. Abortion is the vehicle that has become the sword that leads to that baby’s slaughter as a sacrifice to spare the mother from difficulty or inconvenience. It is as illogical and wrong to kill an infant because he/she is creating difficulty on the mother’s body or is perceived to be an inconvenience in the same way it is to drown a three-year-old for being difficult to handle or an inconvenience three years down the road.


Women do not go to abortion clinics for the types of medical interventions to save the life of their baby as previously discussed. They go to one knowing they are going to eliminate i.e., murder their child, and do so under the protection of law. Should they go to a hospital or an emergency room to seek help they would receive care where doctors have taken the oath, “I WILL DO NO HARM”.






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