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Thank you so much for signing the petition to make your state an Abortion Free State ! We will be forwarding your email not only to your legislators but to every legislature in the Nation. 


Declaration & Petition of The Total & Immediate Abolition of Abortion Across These United States of America. 


Whereas June 24, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court announced the official overturn of Roe v. Wade, and


Whereas the High Court has returned the issue to State Legislatures to be determined by the people's representatives, and


Whereas the legalized and sanctioned murder of innocent and defenseless preborn babies  in the womb has been a scourge on These United State of America for nearly 50 years, and


Whereas the 1973 court opinion of Roe V Wade is and was both immoral and unconstitutional. 


We applaud and celebrate the United States Supreme Court's long-overdue recognition of Constitutional limits on it's power.


We remain steadfast in our belief that States are sovereign and in possession of 10th Amendment powers under our Constitution were NEVER under any obligation to allow the sanctioned murder of innocent, defenseless, legal and law-abiding citizens within their borders: namely pre-born babies in the womb.


Whereas this monumental decision removes any and all pretense to judicial obstacles in the way toward an abortion-free society, we declare our unborn neighbors deserve immediate relief from this sentence of death and ALL political excuses must be at an end! 


Be it resolved that we as a just society cannot afford to wait a moment longer to end the genocide of abortion within our borders.


Be it further resolved that, “we the people of these United States”, in accordance with God's Word, and The United States Constitution do this day call on our Governor and legislature of to IMMEDIATELY…


1. Call a special session and demand Past legislation to that Totally an immediately abolishes the legal practice of abortion within the borders of our state without loop holes and exemptions. This does not include triage / emergency medical intervention for ectopic / tubal pregnancies. 



Thanks for submitting!

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