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The following video is of National Right to Life's Vice President, Tony Lauinger. Right to Life is the oldest and largest pro-life organization in the United States. In this interview you will see the unveiling of how the pro-life establishment view abortion and their stance on actually ending it.

The Political Hamster Wheel:

"Every year the PLE returns to the table and are content to put forth and pass the same legislation presented the year before  simply wrapped in new packaging (something with a great title that includes every provision under the sun: rape, incest,  health of the mother, abnormalities, etc.), granting the courts permission to have the final say. They can then call it a “Pro Life victory.” The Pro-Aborts cry out and run to their donors for support. The PLE give themselves a pat on the back, pass out  participation plaques, trophies, and awards declaring to be the most Pro-Life states, parties, and politicians in the union. The  Courts later rule, after the election cycle, that the Pro-Life legislation is “unconstitutional.” The Pro-Aborts declare a pro choice victory and they too hand out trophies, awards, and pat themselves on the back. The PLE, lobbyists, and politicians,  run to their donors and constituents asking for money, send out online petitions, give great speeches; the political cycle has  again started the hamster wheel."

Tony Lauinger on Apolagia Studios Interview

In this interview you will hear Tony Lauinger expose his stance on how he wants to regulate abortion but not actually end it. This is the Vice President of the oldest and largest pro-life organization in the United States unveiling that he has no intention to bring abortion to an end but only amend it.

Video by Apologia Studios:

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