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WHAT IS the Ekklesia?

The Ekklesia, by definition and historical account, refers to the legislative and judicial branch of government; a title commonly used in the Roman Empire approximately 680 years prior to the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Its members were "called out" or"sent ones," males of fighting age, and whose presence was required when a gathering was called. When assembled, this gathering was notably The Ekklesia at which time laws, ordinances, decrees, and decisions would be made to determine the direction of cities, regions, and if necessary, for people to engage in physical warfare to apprehend new territories.

Jesus’ intentional use of the word “Ekklesia” describes His Church—His governmental body left to rule and reign on earth until His return! He made it abundantly clear that The Ekklesia would be built by Him and on the revelation of His identity as The Messiah King, withstand the very gates of hell.

We believe that The Ekklesia, the called out and sent ones—are redeemed image bearers classified as Sons of God by way of repentance of sin, faith in Jesus, and commitment to follow and obey Jesus’ teachings and His voice. It is through Jesus Christ His called out and sent ones are the only hope for genuine city and cultural transformation.

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